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Australian Certificate Course Order

Our students are enthusiastic about our online genealogical courses. However, many new students are unsure of where to begin. Which courses should they take first? Just as in planning to build a house, your genealogy education plan must begin with the foundation. Whether you are just beginning to research your family history, or you are an experienced researcher, it is recommended for all students to begin with understanding the methodology guidelines and standards used in all genealogy research. This is accomplished through our Methodology Certificate

If you are considering any certificate, these are the first courses to work on as the Methodology Certificate courses are COMPULSORY for all of our Certificate Programs. To find out more about our Methodology Certificate and the suggested course order, check out our blog post

For our Australian Certificate in Genealogical Studies, you must successfully complete 40 courses, which includes the 14 required courses of the Methodology Certificate, 11 compulsory Australian Record courses, and 15 elective courses of your choice. The Australian courses include 4 compulsory courses at the Basic Level, 5 compulsory courses at the Intermediate Level, and 2 compulsory courses at the Advanced Level. 

International Institute of Genealogical Studies Courses Included in the
Australian Records Certificate

Australian Certificate in Genealogical Studies – 40 Courses 

Basic Level 
Australian: Births, Deaths & Marriages 
This course will concentrate on the birth, death, and marriage information gathered by the various churches as parish records, as well as the civil records gathered by colonial, state, and territory governments. 
Australian: Other Sources for Births, Deaths & Marriages 
This course focuses on addition sources to obtain BMD information beyond records covered in the Australian: Birth, Death, & Marriages course. 
Australian: Immigration Records-Free Settlers 
This course will discuss the migration of free settlers. An understanding of some Australian history (as well as major events in other places of the world) is necessary to comprehend why large numbers of people chose to leave the places they were living and take the arduous and often dangerous journey to the other side of the world. 
Australian: Convict Records 
A study of convict records includes some discussion of the British legal system and the conditions that led to convicts being transported to the colonies of Australia. Governments kept copious records at all stages of their control of the convicts and these provide more information about the convicts in Australia than for free settlers of the same period. 

Intermediate Level 
Australian: Newspapers and Biographies 
Newspapers are a wonderful research tool as they can provide background information on our ancestors that may not be found in official documents. This course focuses on using both historical and current newspapers to flesh out our knowledge of our ancestors and the communities in which they lived. 
Australian: Church Records 
This course examines religious resources that are available in Australia. Parish records such as baptisms, marriages and burials and other lesser known church records are examined.
Australian: Local History and Regional Sources 
A study of local history informs us about how our ancestors lived as part of a community as well as where they lived. This course first examines the records that can identify those locations, and then proceeds to the regional sources that allow us to see ancestors in the context of where they lived and who lived near them and what that can tell us about their lives.
Australian: Military Records 
This course discusses available documents and the information included about those who served in British regiments in Australia as well as Australians who served in military forces in Australia and overseas. Military records from the earliest days of the colonies through various twentieth century conflicts are included.
Australian: Occupational Records 
This course focuses on occupations and how someone’s occupation could change over time, have a significant role in a community and even impact on a family’s lifestyle. Tracing them can be difficult but occupation records may provide clues. 

Advanced Level 
Australian: Education Records  
This course explores educational records from 1788 through to 1950. Records explored will span primary school to adult education and will include students as well as staff.
Australian: Health Records 
This course looks at how health records can help with family history research. In addition, it looks at selected epidemics and medical treatments that our ancestors might have been familiar with.

We offer several additional courses relevant to Australian research, which could be chosen to fulfill the elective portion of the Australian Certificate. These courses can be added to your certificate package, and will supplement your genealogical knowledge for your specific area or family history topic. You are sure to find several relevant courses to build your research skills. 

International Institute of Genealogical Studies Australian Records Certificate

Combination Certificates 
Alternatively, you can use courses from other certificates as your electives and complete TWO certificates for the cost of one. Your customized certificate could include the compulsory Australian Records courses, plus the compulsory courses from any other topic or country-themed certificate. Both include the Methodology Certificate courses as they form the basis for all of our Professional Learning Certificates

Australian and DNA Certificate  
Australian and Librarianship Certificate  
Australian and Professional Development Certificate  

Building your genealogical research skills with these essential courses is for both serious family historians and professional researchers. We can assist you in building your genealogical education plan for your future research projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options to successfully reach your research goals.

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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