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Research A-Z ~ Professional

For the month of April, we have highlighted some of the 225+ genealogy and research courses offered at The International Institute for Genealogical Studies. There are a variety of themes and topics to choose from. Hopefully, we will feature some courses that you were not aware of and pique your interest to explore further.

Genealogical Research from A to Z


Many of our students have started to research their family histories before registering for our courses, and after completion, they are ready to explore what is required to continue their passion in a professional capacity, in order to assist others to discover their ancestry as well. Our Professional Development Certificate Program has been created to allow our students to achieve their dreams of working professionally. 

As with other certificates, the elective courses can be fulfilled with courses specifically related to your genealogical research interests. You can add compulsory courses from another certificate, such as the DNA & Genetic Genealogy Certificate or explore other courses to consider when choosing your electives.

Our Professional Development Certificate courses:

Basic Level 
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 1  
Business Skills: Business Administration 
Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 1 
Business Skills: Career Development: Choosing a Niche-Part 2 
Business Skills: Creating a Business 
Business Skills: Establishing & Promoting Your Website 
Business Skills: Marketing Your Services & Products 
Skill-Building: Breaking Down Brick Walls  
Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & Extracting 

Intermediate Level 
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2 
Creating Genealogy Programs for Adults & the Younger Generation 
Demystifying Culture & Folklore 
Forensic Genealogy 
Genealogy Society Creation & Management 
Lecturing Skills Including Preparation 
Methodology – Part 3: More Strategies 
Methodology – Part 4: Effective Searching and Recording 
Methodology – Part 5: How to Prove It 
Organising a One-Name Study 
Organising a One-Place Study  
Personal Historian: Telling the Stories 
Photography: Clues Pictures Hold, Editing, Digitizing and Various Projects 
Research: House & Farm Histories 
Skill-Building: Evidence Analysis and Evaluation Using Case Studies  
Skill-Building: Nuts & Bolts of Reporting Research  
Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much more

Advanced Level 
Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 3  
Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines 
Genealogy Ethical Guidelines & Standards  
Genetics & Medical Family History 
Methodology – Part 6: Professional Preparation and Practice 
Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents

You can customize your own package of courses. This is especially helpful if you have already completed some of the above courses. Register for the balance of the courses needed to complete your desired certificate. 

How can I become a Professional Genealogist

Research A-Z 

Choosing to pursue a professional genealogical career will require education and experience in your chosen research field or niche. Our Professional Development Program will help you to reach your career goals. Your success is our goal.

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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