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Research A-Z ~ Origins

For the month of April, we have highlighted some of the 225+ genealogy and research courses offered at The International Institute for Genealogical Studies. There are a variety of themes and topics to choose from. Hopefully, we will feature some courses that you were not aware of and pique your interest to explore further.

Genealogical Research from A to Z

O is for ORIGINS

Origins refer back to the Original. Ethnic origins will lead you back to the country of origin for your ancestors, or an ethnic group within a region or country. It could refer to a location, or to an original ancestral couple. A deeper study of origins may include a One-Place Study for the location where your immigrant ancestors immigrated from.

DNA test results may identify our genetic origins by studying the DNA we inherited. A One-Name Study seeks the original origin of specific surnames, and includes Y-DNA testing to trace back each generation.

Start investigating families with the relevant country-themed courses, and then research their local history to understand what has taken place, especially as it relates to their immigration or migration. Perhaps they were part of a settlement group, or listed as founding fathers, stating their origins. Create timelines and watch for patterns and clues. Your family’s origins may not be evident initially, but there are ways to examine their backgrounds more thoroughly.

The following courses may help you to pursue and document your family’s origins:

Demystifying Culture & Folklore 
Discover Your Family History 
DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate  
Life of Our Ancestors 
Organizing a One-Name Study  
Organizing a One-Place Study 
Research: Social History 
Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist 
Writing the Genealogist’s Memoir 
Writing Your Family History Book

You can customize your own package of courses. This is especially helpful if you have already completed some of the courses above. Register for the balance of the courses needed to complete your desired genealogy theme.

What is your family’s origin?

Research A-Z 

Do you know your Family’s Origins? Ethnic origins for ancestors, DNA test results, Y-DNA, One-Name Studies, One-Place Studies, immigration and migration, local histories, Founding Fathers’ accounts, these can all help us to establish our family’s origins.  

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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