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The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers over 230 online courses, but did you know that many of our courses are not country specific. The genealogy world has certainly grown over the past few years. We have seen many changes that have led to the emergence of new opportunities for genealogists and family historians. One of those areas is for a Personal Historian.

You can take all four of our Personal Historian courses individually, or bundle them together as a 4 Course Package.
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Personal Historian: Beginning Genealogy
This is the first of the four courses is a Basic level course and is offered every month. It explores how you can add genealogical research as an income stream to your Personal Historian business, whether you conduct the research yourself, or you hire a specific researcher. Family history information enhances any personal history project by providing more in-depth family details. This introductory course will address the process involved, some tips on what to look for when hiring a researcher, and how to do the basic genealogical research yourself.

Personal Historian: Oral History & Interviewing Techniques
The second of the four courses is offered every second month. This Intermediate course examines how a personal historian uses oral history interview techniques to interview individuals about their lives or those of their family. Combining the interview, research, and additional items like photographs and documents, a personal historian can create a beautiful story for a client. The course material will discuss the things you need to know before specializing in oral histories, how to prepare for and conduct an interview, and what can be done with all of the materials collected. The goal is to learn how to put everything together and preserve the priceless histories that are uncovered.

Personal Historian: Video Techniques
The third course is also offered every second month. This Intermediate course is designed to introduce the basics of audio-video production for personal historians and genealogists. This will appeal to people who want to use current digital audio and video tools to record, edit and share life stories. Audio-video productions encompass four phases of work: pre-production, production, post-production and delivery. This practical course is structured along these four phases. Students with any level of audio-video experience, including those who are beginners, will benefit from this course material. There is great depth and variety to the practice of video biography. Let this course help you to build your skills and video savvy.

Personal Historian: Telling the Stories
The fourth and final of these courses is an Intermediate course, which gives an overview of the within this package. It is also offered every second month. It reminds us that telling the stories of our ancestors must go beyond the basics of names, dates, and places. We can use those pieces as a basic foundation, but we must, as a home builder does, add layers and real-life stories to that foundation. This course will help you to confidently implement the Personal Historian component to your business as it demonstrates the many layers available to incorporate. These various layers will add depth to both personal and client projects, and additional revenue streams to a serious genealogy business.

Are you interested in pursuing a business as a Personal Historian? The opportunities available are as varied as the incredible stories that you will discover. Learn more about bundling these 4 courses into a Course Package here.
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