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Genealogy as a Second Career

Linda Gomez’s love of genealogy and history has developed into a second career.

We asked Linda Gomez to share her experience and how she has used her education from the International Institute of Genealogical Studies. Here’s Linda’s story in her own words…

Genealogy is a second career for me. All my life, I dabbled in genealogy. After 40 years as a nurse/nurse educator, I volunteered to do historical research for the Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre (RMDC), a marvelous place in Rossland, B.C. Rossland was the home of the second biggest gold strike, next to the Klondike, in the late 19th century. In my element, as I love history, I helped people with questions about historical figures that sometimes opened genealogical conversations.

In January 2019, while researching the 1918 influenza pandemic, a passion of mine, I grouped all families deaths in Rossland. Then added pedigree charts on some of the families. 

During the Covid shutdown, I enrolled at the International Institute of Genealogical Studies. As I progressed through the Canadian Certificate program, I wondered what I would do with my newfound profession. But I needed clientele…

What I knew:

  • I love the detective work of genealogy
  • I still love to teach
  • I want to continue work with the museum (RMDC)
  • I enjoy helping people
  • I love the forensic stuff

My plan to gain clients started with providing genealogic tips to the biweekly online newsletter at the RMDC. At the end of each tip, I invited readers to contact me with questions about their family history.

My plan worked. I helped them with their genealogic challenges. Enormous fun with positive feedback. My goal is to raise donations for the RMDC rather than personal income. 

Recently, I was asked to put together a workshop called, Genealogy for Newbies, for my local area. A half-day session, highly interactive to help people engage in the program. Genealogy is view outside of the box, more like a window to everywhere full of possibilities and creative thinking.

What does the future hold? More work on my family history and continuing to build more clients through the RMDC. In addition, I’d love to get involved in forensics. I’ll have to take a peek through that window. There’s so much to see. logo

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