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February Courses

Our students at the International Institute of Genealogical Studies are preparing for their February courses. How are you doing with your 2023 Research Goals? Be sure to plan your time carefully. Self-paced education takes discipline, perseverance and focus. Organization is key with busy schedules and so many daily distractions. We are here to help you succeed in meeting your genealogical education goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a problem.

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies Offers Online Courses and Certification in Genealogy

Have you received your new DNA test results from the last kit sales? Hopefully, you have made new connections with your DNA matches. Are you having trouble with understanding your results? Check out our DNA & Genetic courses to help you analyze those new DNA findings!
Just a reminder for those who have registered for February courses, if you have discovered that you will not be able to work on your courses this month after all, you can still easily change the start date. 

International Institute of Genealogical Studies – How to Change the Start Date of Your Class

In your Student Briefcase, scroll down to Future Courses
#1. You will see a list of your registered courses with the dates they are scheduled to open. 
#2. To change your start date, click on the date (February 6, 2023). A new pop-up window will open. 
#3. Click on the scheduled date. A drop-down menu will be displayed with additional start dates for this course. Choose a new start date (March 6, 2023). 
Please Note: The scheduled date has NOT been changed yet!
#4. You MUST click the Change Date button to actually change the start date. Now you can close the pop-up window and your new start date will be displayed beside your course.
Wherever you are on your genealogy research journey, know that we strive to make your online genealogical education process as successful as possible. Take advantage of all the Institute has to offer. Need assistance with planning your next steps? Contact us (details below). We will create a customized plan that works for you and meets your education goals.

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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