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Our Team is Expanding

The International Institute for Genealogical Studies / International Institute of Genealogical Studies has some exciting announcements to share this month. Today, we are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our faculty. Claire Bradley MA is our new Director of Irish Studies and will be working to update our Irish courses. As director she will also be hosting the Irish Virtual Meetings starting in the new year. Claire will be our special guest speaker for the December Student Lounge.

Claire Bradley MA is the new Director of Irish Studies at the
International Institute of Genealogical Studies

Biography: Claire Bradley is a professional genealogist based in Dublin, Ireland. She holds a Certificate in Family History from University College Dublin and an MA in the History of the Family from the University of Limerick. As well as taking on research for clients, Claire teaches a bi-annual adult education course in researching family history in Dublin and regularly gives lectures to family and local history societies. She is a former chairperson of the Ireland Branch of the Irish Genealogical Research Society and also helps run the popular Boards. ie genealogy forum. Her particular interests are genetic genealogy, Irish Quakers and Dublin records. Her website is

Claire will be available to assist our students as needed, as well as offering paid one-on-one mentoring consultation sessions. We are honored to welcome Claire as a valuable adjunct professor on the Institute’s Faculty Team. We invite our students and followers to join Geo in giving her a hearty welcome!

Welcome to our new faculty members at the International Institute of Genealogical Studies

Angela Breidenbach PLCGS, Executive Director

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