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Student Lounge Virtual Meetings

At The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, we want to enhance the online learning experience for our students by promoting #StudentLife opportunities. Every month, there is a virtual meeting scheduled just for our students to connect and share. As genealogy is often a solitary endeavour, this is an opportunity to join others who are just as enthusiastic about family history and anxious to discuss research topics. Students can enquire about courses they are interested in registering for, or question students who have already completed them. Sharing their experiences with newer students is valuable! 

As an added bonus since mid-July, we have migrated our meetings to the Zoom platform, where students can now interact face-to-face and engage in verbal discussions rather than be limited to only typing in the chat box. They can now put a face to the names they have seen in the comments and discussions for their online assignments. #StudentLife is more than recognizing the names of their fellow students, it is getting to know them! After all, many of these students may become contacts in their future researcher networks. 

The schedule for all of our Virtual Meetings can be found on our website under VIRTUAL LEARNING ROOM. Watch for our next Student Lounge when the monthly Virtual Meetings schedule is posted here to our blog.

Watch for upcoming Special Presentations in our Students Lounge sessions.
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