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Research A-Z ~ Z not the End

For the month of April, we have highlighted some of the 225+ genealogy and research courses offered at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. There are a variety of themes and topics to choose from. Hopefully, we will feature some courses that you were not aware of and pique your interest to explore further.

Researching Genealogy A to Z


Z may be at the end of the alphabet, but it’s not the end! Our research will never be finished. There are always more leads to follow and another generation up or down the tree to seek out and document. There aren’t many names starting with Z: Zoey, Zachary, Zachariah, Zenas are a few forenames, and for surnames: Zinck, Zwicker, Zimmerman will be at the end of the line or the end of the index.

The study of Names in genealogy is interesting and can provide many clues when facing a brick wall in your research. Naming Patterns are extremely useful when families followed this tradition. German Rufnamen have thrown off more than a few researchers until it was understood. Some surnames were derived from occupations or geographic locations. Names can have several spelling variations, be shortened to specific nicknames, be found in abbreviated forms in documents, or look totally different when translated into another language. Knowing what to look for is important when researching, especially if you are identifying multiple people with the same name.

What’s in a name? Understanding English Names is included in the English Records Certificate

There are several Courses dealing with understanding the use of names and their origins. 

Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program-Part 2 
Eastern European: Languages & Alphabets 
Electronic Resources: Using the Internet
English: Understanding Names in Genealogy
German: Naming Practices 
Google for the Wise Genealogist  
Organizing a One-Name Study  
Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents 

Research: Danish Ancestors 
Research: Dutch Ancestors in the Netherlands 
Research: FamilySearch Resources – In Person and Online 
Research: Scandinavian Ancestors 
Scottish: Special Aspects of Scottish Research 
Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist 

Z is not the end in genealogical research!

Research A-Z 

Names are a major part of our research. When we understand their origins and the traditional naming patterns that may be used, we can recognize clues to their proper identity. A brick wall may seem like the end of your research, but there are always clues to take us further. Investigating all leads and following known practices will help you to analyze any conflicts you may discover.

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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