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DNA Historical Studies Course Released

The wait is finally over! The National Institute for Genealogical Studies is pleased to announce the release of our newest online course AND the final compulsory course for our DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate. We have been anticipating the launch of DNA: Historical Studies as the 7th addition to our DNA courses. We promise that you will not be disappointed. 


Genetic genealogy is a topic of immense interest to family history researchers looking to find connections to ancestors when traditional research has failed to provide results. Utilizing both DNA testing and traditional research methods can mean the difference between an elusive ancestor and a documented ancestor. 

But DNA testing is not just for genealogists interested in family relationships and ethnicity estimates. DNA is well-known for solving cold cases for law enforcement. It has also been used to solve some of history’s biggest mysteries such as in the claims of historical identities. Cases explored in the course include Anna Anderson, the Titanic Baby, Jesse James, and the Golden State Killer. 

What can these seemingly non-genealogical cases teach us? Learning more about DNA as it relates to genealogical cases and non-genealogical cases helps to expand and enhance our DNA knowledge and provides insights as we solve research problems. Students are encouraged to explore these cases presented in this course further by seeking out scientific journals and popular media articles. 

Visit the DNA: Historical Studies page for more details. It is sure to inspire you to seek out current DNA projects, especially for events or mysteries related to your research projects. This course is scheduled to begin on the first Monday of every month. It is definitely a course to be added to your DNA Research education. Register today! 
Basic DNA courses
DNA: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy 
DNA: Autosomal DNA – Testing for Everyone  
DNA: Tracing Maternal & Paternal Lines 
Advanced DNA courses
DNA: Special Circumstances – Adoptees & Unknown Parentage  
DNA: Methodology and Analysis 
DNA: Reading & Understanding Articles for Genetic Genealogy 
DNA: Historical Studies ***NEW***

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies research Packages offer bundles of similarly themed courses at a discount. Our current DNA Research Packages include courses relevant to understanding DNA and how it can be used in genealogical research. 

DNA and Genetic Genealogy – Basic Level – 3 Courses 
DNA and Genetic Genealogy – Intermediate Level – 3 Courses 
DNA and Genetic Genealogy – Advanced Level – 6 Courses 
DNA and Genetic Genealogy – 12 Courses (includes all of the three levels of courses above)
DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate – 15 Courses (includes the 12 courses above, plus 3 more courses) 

The DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate can be combined with other certificates to fulfill their elective requirements.

DNA and American Certificate – 40 Courses 
DNA and Australian Certificate – 40 Courses 
DNA and Canadian Certificate – 41 Courses 
DNA and Eastern European Certificate – 40 Courses 
DNA and English Certificate – 40 Courses 
DNA and German Certificate – 40 Courses 
DNA and Irish Certificate – 40 Courses 
DNA and Professional Development Certificate – 41 Courses

Forensic Genealogy  
Genealogy Ethical Guidelines & Standards  
Genetics & Medical Family History 
Organizing a One-Name Study  
Organizing a One-Place Study  
Research: U.S. Records Using Ancestry including DNA Strategies 
Research: U.S. 20th Century Records, Including Adoption Records 

Additional Course Packages

Lastly, you can customize your own package of courses. This is especially helpful if you have already completed some of the DNA courses. Register for the balance of the courses needed to complete your desired certificate.

Course Package – 4 Courses 
Course Package – 7 Courses 
Course Package – 8 Courses 
Course Package – 10 Courses 
Course Package – 13 Courses

The DNA: Historical Studies course will be offered monthly and completes the courses required for the DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate. We are looking forward to watching our students complete this certificate. Register today! 
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