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Countdown to RootsTech 2022

We are finally counting down the last days on the last week before RootsTech 2022 launches on Thursday, March 3rd! It has been promoted as the world’s largest online celebration of family. Researchers, family historians and genealogists alike have been anxiously awaiting this year’s virtual conference with great anticipation. We are ready to be inspired by the keynote speakers, and to start learning from the more than 1,500 scheduled virtual sessions. The excitement is building; our calendars have reserved the necessary blocks of time; and the final countdown has begun. The presenters are ready. Are you registered? Don’t delay – Register today!

BUT there’s more…. The exhibitors in the innovative Expo Hall are waiting for you to come and explore the hundreds of videos prepared for the attendees. Some are focused on the exhibitor’s products; however, many have been created to provide research tips and insights into topics relevant to genealogy enthusiasts of all levels. Plan to visit and glean from these valuable resources.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies is pleased to be hosting one of those virtual booths in the RootsTech Expo Hall once again this year. We offer 225+ online courses on a wide variety of topics, providing genealogical education for those interested in beginning to research their family history, as well as professional genealogists looking to expand and refine their research skills. We have something for everyone! Plan to drop in and especially, come check out our conference specials (Details coming soon!).

As we are awaiting the launch this week, there are a few things we can do to prepare. A couple suggestions can be found on the FamilySearch Blog in these two articles: How Can I Prepare for RootsTech 2022? and A Guide to Navigating the RootsTech 2022 Website. Bookmark this page and keep it accessible for quick reference during the conference. (There are many other topics to explore on the FamilySearch Blog. Take time later to explore them!)

YES! Only FOUR more days until RootsTech 2022; But Keep Calm. The Virtual format allows us some benefits. There will be no travel, or worries about delays, or cancellations. There will be no reservations, or booking of rooms, or check ins. The three-day conference is FREE and accessible to registrants online and off, without the restrictions of seating or double bookings. Make plans to set aside time to take full advantage of this opportunity, and enjoy!

Psst! Watch for more RootsTech news coming very soon!
Mark your Calendar for RootsTech 2022 – A FREE virtual event coming on March 3-5. Register today!
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