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Virtual Meetings – November 2021

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies has a several virtual meetings scheduled for this week, as well as a Student Presentation. Hope you will join us, if applicable to your studies and/or research. Details are outlined below.

You can enhance your learning experience by joining a virtual meeting regarding your studies and asking questions. Even if you don’t have questions, you are welcome to just listen, lurk and learn! We don’t mind in the least.

Remember, these Virtual Meetings are NOT mandatory. They are a fun and interactive way to ask questions about the courses and/or research at a relevant session.

***IMPORTANT*** New Adobe Connect information and instructions are available on our website. If you are experiencing any issues when attending a virtual meeting, please obtain the INSTRUCTIONS document in PDF format near the top right of our Virtual Learning Room page on our website.

Go to
In top menu bar, select Information.
In the dropdown menu, select Virtual Learning Room.
Click on Instructions near the top right (you may have to scroll over to the right).

The PDF document has Adobe Connect information, Troubleshooting steps, and Adobe Connect Technical Support contacts.  
Go to
In top menu bar, select Information.
In the dropdown menu, select Virtual Learning Room.
Click the virtual meeting name in list (a new window will open).
Click on Check Time to see the time in your local time zone. 

Methodology courses with Brenda Wheeler  
This session is for the convenience of our students in Australasia; however, all students are welcome.
Monday, November 15th at 6:30 PM Eastern   

United Kingdom (English, Irish, and Scottish) Records courses with Brenda Wheeler  
Monday, November 15th at 8 PM Eastern  

Canadian Records courses with Cheryl Levy  
Tuesday, November 16th at 1 PM Eastern  

DNA courses with Shannon Combs-Bennett 
Wednesday, November 17th at 10 AM Eastern  

Lecturing Skills – Student Presentation with host Kathy Holland   
Student Presenter: Michele Hoogewind, Topic: Location Research-A Necessary Step! 
Description: Researching the locations that your ancestors lived in can help you clearly and quickly identify what records exist, where to locate them, and put that information into historical context. Join me to learn how…      
Wednesday, November 17th at 6:30 PM Eastern

Eastern European Records courses with Lisa Alzo  
Thursday, November 18th at 3 PM Eastern  
TO JOIN A VIRTUAL MEETING, simply click on the URL, or enter the URL provided in your browser. Alternatively, you can download the Adobe Connect Desktop App (see instructions above) to attend the virtual meetings. When joining a session, a USERNAME or PASSWORD is NOT REQUIRED. Please type in your first name & surname initial, along with your geographical location; then click Enter as a Guest.    
Want to listen to the virtual meeting, but will not be at your computer? No problem! You can download the FREE Adobe Connect Mobile App from the Apple App Store (for iPod/iPhone/iPad), or from the Google Play Store (for Android).   
See the calendar of future Virtual Meetings sessions at; in the top menu, choose INFORMATION, and then VIRTUAL LEARNING ROOM in the drop-down menu. 

If you have any questions regarding the Virtual Meetings and/or the schedule, please send an email to   

Sue de Groot, PLCGS                 
National Institute for Genealogical Studies  
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