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Always Learning – Always Building Research Skills

In many places, June means that schools are winding down for another year and summer vacation is almost here! In other parts of the world, winter is looming closer every day. Our students at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies know that when it comes to genealogy, we are always learning, no matter which month is showing on the current calendar. There are always more courses on our wish list.

Always Learning

The list of topics for our genealogical studies should always include the places of origin for our ancestors; but researching our family history soon reaches much farther than just our ethnic origins. Our ancestors’ lives were more than the dates and places of the family’s births, marriages and deaths; it included historical events, and the hundreds of people they encountered along the way. Our goal is to learn as much as we can about their lives and the things which impacted their families.

Always Building Research Skills

How can we accomplish our genealogy goals? We must build our research skills. We simply do not know what we do not know. If we lack basic methodology skills, our research can take twice as long, repeating the same steps over again, and still have important elements missing, such as source citations or complete transcriptions of documents. When we are unaware of special record collections, we won’t know to access the information they contain.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 230+ courses to choose from. Most courses feature 6 modules over an 8-week period, easily adapted to most busy schedules. Many courses have been bundled into packages to provide discount options. Some of these courses started on June 7th, but every month features courses created to refine your research skills and meet your genealogy goals. Are you ready to find out what you are missing?

Take a look at our course calendar. Did you notice a topic that has piqued your interest? Did you discover a new aspect of research that you were unaware of? Did you find a Skill-Building course to add to your research abilities? Time to dive deeper into that subject and explore how it may relate to your research projects. Register today for future time slots!

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