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New Course: Personal Historian – Video Techniques

Are you a professional genealogist or a personal historian looking to add  video taped interviews to your services? Ready to enhance your current audio visual skills? Personal Historian: Video Techniques is the course you’ve been searching for!

Camcorder by suphakit73/ Courtesy of

Camcorder by suphakit73/ Courtesy of

Personal Historian: Video Techniques  was written by Carol Cassidy,  a well-known expert in her field. Carol Cassidy has been using cameras and audio gear to record and share first-person life stories for almost 30 years. Her clients include PBS stations, the BBC, CNN, human rights groups and the United Nations. She has worked in 35 countries, often collecting first-person stories in war zones, refugee camps and disaster areas. Carol holds a master’s degree from New York University. She is the author of a book of first-person interviews collected in conjunction with a PBS documentary series she produced and directed. She is the recipient of ten competitive fellowships, including one from the American Film Institute, one from the PBS Producer’s Academy, two from the (US) National Endowment for the Arts and three from the (US) Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Carol has taught film and video making at institutions including UCLA Film School, the International Film and Television Workshops in Maine and Atlanta’s Image Film and Video Center.

Personal Historian: Video Techniques is designed to introduce the basics of audio-video production for personal historians and genealogists, that is, people who want to use current digital audio and video tools to record, edit and share life stories. Audio-video productions encompass four phases of work: pre-production, production, post-production and delivery. This course is structured along these four phases.

Students with any level of audio-video experience, including those who are beginners, can learn from this course. There is great depth and variety to the practice of video biography. This course will help you build your skills and savvy.

Learn more about this course and register by going to our website. This course begins May 2015.

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