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Grammar, Writing, and Writing Groups

By Shannon Combs Bennett, Student

Alright, Module 1 of the course Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much more spoke to me. Remember how I confessed I am not a grammar person and spelling eludes me in the introduction post to this course? Well, yeah, guess what Module 1 covered? Yep, all that fun stuff. Oh, and education. Specifically education on writing. WIN!

Chilling Time For Writing The Plan /Courtesy

Chilling Time For Writing The Plan /Courtesy

Our instructor subtly chastised those of us with poor grammar and who are spelling challenged. Yeah, I know it’s important, but for some reason my scientific mind just won’t let that stuff penetrate. It’s like my brain sees the rules coming toward it and an invisible field pops up bouncing it back and a blank confused stare comes across my face. I will endeavor to be better, and stop bothering friends to edit my work. Well, I will try to not do it so often. How about that?

I was excited to see the large number of resources listed for further education. Pages in fact on so many topics that will help you write better. Currently I am trying to locate some of them either through the library or on sale. You can never have too many books. In addition to books there were also websites you can take to help with your writing education. I looked a few of them up and there was some really good websites listed.

One that is mentioned that I have some experience with is Lynn Palermo’s The Armchair Genealogist.  Lynn’s website is amazing and every year she has a month of prompts and writing guides to help you become a better writer. Everyone should check it out if they are trying to get started.

To be honest I was fascinated by the section on writing groups. It is something that I know people do, and it’s a cool concept, but honestly I had no idea what they were for.  After reading  about all the different types and how they are supposed to work, it  makes me want to run out and find a local group.  Or heck, start my own.

In particular I could see how a writing group of people from different backgrounds and writing styles who came together to receive honest feedback on their work could be very useful. I know I would benefit from getting criticism of my writing from people who could be honest, blunt, and constructive.

In the next modules it looks like we are going to cover writing for business and societies.  Topics that are important to many people for a variety of reasons.  Should be good!

See you online!

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