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Finishing Up My Writing Course

By Shannon Combs Bennett, Student

Wow, what a course.  Not only is Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much more  great  for people who are considering putting their work out there for all to see, but its also very informative for those who want to stay private. It was full of information designed to take anyone’s writing to the next level.

Woman Playing Laptop by Just2shutter/Courtesy of

Woman Playing Laptop by Just2shutter/Courtesy of

My mind is buzzing with ideas and projects. I feel like I need to write to the instructor and tell her that she is not helping with my to-do list. Thankfully I don’t actually have enough time in my day to do them all, but maybe one day.

I was grateful for her clear instructions, ideas, and suggestions. At times I was literally smacking my forehead in disgust that I had not even thought to look at a particular resource. Once again, it just proves that no matter how long you do something there is always more to know.

Of course, the list of resources for each module was extensive. I am still investigating and going through them all. The suggestions for helping with editing, finding writing groups, business advice, and more have proved beneficial to my future as a writer in this community.  Of course, some of the book suggestions are making my pocketbook, and husband, groan but that is why there are wish lists!

Personally, I am thrilled that I took the plunge to follow my heart and write for a genealogical setting.  At first, all I wanted to do was be good enough to make my family proud and share their stories.  As the years pass I have found that I really enjoy writing and educating others about genealogy topics.  Telling my stories on a wider scale gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.  Then comes the inevitable, the more you do it the more confident you get and the more your skills grow.

I hope you will take the plunge to hone your writing skills by taking this course.  No matter your experience level I feel that everyone will learn something to aid their journey in this field. Trust me!

See you online!

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