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Courtesy of  jannoon028/

Courtesy of jannoon028/

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies blogger Shannon has just finished the course Demystifying Culture and Folklore  and is ready to discuss it with us. Join us on Thursday May 29th in the Virtual Meeting Room  to talk about the course with Shannon and course author Jean Wilcox Hibben as they explore this fascinating  look at our ancestor’s lives.

Time zones: Thursday, May 29th – 2:30 PM Eastern; 1:30 PM Central; 11:30 AM Pacific; 7:30 PM in London, England; Friday, May 30th – 4:30 AM in Sydney, Australia


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You might be wondering what a course on culture and folklore has to do with genealogy. Shannon says of the course, “My upbringing certainly influenced the way I raise my children just like the way my parents were raised influenced my childhood. Going through the stories I was told, again and again, led me to some interesting insights because of this course. I listened to different perspectives and looked at my  family through documents with a different eye this time. By doing that it was easy to see why I do what I do because of my family’s influence over time. The influence of our immigrant ancestor is still present in my family today. Originally, what this course asks of the student, to look at past, present, and future generations was a bit intimidating, but this course really brought home how easy misunderstandings, differing points of view, and cultural influences can shape a family history.”

For all those in attendance at this Virtual Meeting, we will be offering a special discount on this course.

To read more about Demystifying Culture and Folklore, please see our website.


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