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Your Genealogy Business 

 2 Tips for your Genealogy Business 

Tip #1: Your Professional Image 

The public image that you and your business project are important and should not be overlooked. Realize that prospective clients will be checking you out in whatever way they can. Take some time to set up a routine check of your online presence and reputation by doing a search for your name and your business name. If you uncover some issues that need repair there are a few steps that you can take to improve your online reputation.  

  • Take the time to say you are sorry. 
  • Speak to the negative commenter (on your blog or social media account, etc.) on the phone if you can; if that is not possible, try another form of contact. 
  • Clear up any misconceptions by posting the facts online.  
  • Create positive profiles for yourself and your company on social media websites.  


Tip #2: Your Connections  

Networking is a vital skill, especially for a business owner. This is another skill that is often taken for granted. We tend to network sporadically and without a plan. One way to analyze for yourself how effective your networking activities and/or organizations are is to make a simple list of the events you attended during a set period of time, the number of new people you met, business cards exchanged, and any results from that event. Don’t forget the other side of the networking coin. In order to receive, you need to be willing to give. You are also part of your network and you have value to offer the people with whom you connect.  

The “Business Skills: Business Administration” course is packed with information, tips, and advice on helping you develop and fine-tune your professional image.