Presenter: Helen Smith is a genealogical researcher, speaker and author specialising in the areas of Australian, English and Medical History research since 1986. Topic: Lost Your Ancestors in Queensland? Description: Come along to find out what records are available, where found, both online and offline so you can start finding your missing ancestors in Queensland.

Topic: Overview of Virginia Chancery Records Description: Chancery Records are an excellent resource for Virginia research. Cases involve the division of items equally.  You will learn how they could be the key to finding your Virginia ancestors. Presenter: Shannon DC Bennett speaks and writes on various topics. Her blog,, discusses her research and interesting […]

Topic: Who Are My Peeps?:  Six Easy Steps to Starting Your Family History Research Description: Get started on your journey to find your family roots!  Learn how to begin the research process in six simple steps, including internet research and real examples. Presenter: Christine Roberts is the President of the Bucks County Genealogical Society, and […]

Topic: Dig Up Your Ancestors Online! Description: Hit a brick wall? Missing ancestors? This presentation covers search strategies and specific techniques to make your and searches more effective, providing more accurate results. Presenter: Eileen Souza, PLCGS, owner Old Bones Genealogy, is a professional genealogist, researching in Maryland.  She authored “Research in Carroll County,” […]

Topic: Free at Last! Researching African-Americans in Canada during Slavery Description: Follow the stories of two African American families and discover methods and records for researching your enslaved and freed ancestors during the era of slavery. Presenter: Kathryn Lake Hogan is a professional genealogist, author and educator. Her webinars and presentations featuring Canadian family history […]