Topic: Who Are My Peeps?:  Six Easy Steps to Starting Your Family History Research Description: Get started on your journey to find your family roots!  Learn how to begin the research process in six simple steps, including internet research and real examples. Presenter: Christine Roberts is the President of the Bucks County Genealogical Society, and […]

Topic: Dig Up Your Ancestors Online! Description: Hit a brick wall? Missing ancestors? This presentation covers search strategies and specific techniques to make your and searches more effective, providing more accurate results. Presenter: Eileen Souza, PLCGS, owner Old Bones Genealogy, is a professional genealogist, researching in Maryland.  She authored “Research in Carroll County,” […]

Topic: Free at Last! Researching African-Americans in Canada during Slavery Description: Follow the stories of two African American families and discover methods and records for researching your enslaved and freed ancestors during the era of slavery. Presenter: Kathryn Lake Hogan is a professional genealogist, author and educator. Her webinars and presentations featuring Canadian family history […]