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Write Your Story

Building a family tree and collecting your family’s stories, documents, and memorabilia involves countless hours of work.

Share your Family Story!

What do you do once you have built the tree and collected the stories?

Writing Your Family History Book will teach you how to pull everything together while giving you a priceless heirloom to pass on to future generations.

What You Will Learn:

You’ll start with research and organizing techniques including the use of family trees, documents, and photos. Several ways to format your family story is discussed including scrapbooks, journals, online options, and, of course, books. The actual work of writing is explored with information on how to set goals, avoiding obstacles, and how to build a story from the facts you have collected. Several writing exercises are included along with resources and suggested reading to inspire you as you begin your writing journey.

This is an elective course that can be added to any of our certificate programs.

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Writing Your Family History Book

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