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American Colonial Courses

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American Colonial Ancestors 
There are FOUR courses covering the colonial period of the Eastern United States, focusing on the original Thirteen Colonies. These are valuable resources for anyone researching in this region and timeframe. Registration for these four courses could be submitted at a discount by choosing to create your own custom Course Package – 4 Courses.

Research: Mayflower Ancestors
This course studies some of the very first settlers of Massachusetts. Learn how to properly document a descendant line by utilizing New England original and derivative records, as well as sources specific to Mayflower research. Following their story, and tracing each consecutive generation, is a great way to recognize the 400+ years since their arrival in North America. 

Research: US Colonial New England Ancestors
This course explores strategies for finding Colonial New England records while incorporating colonial town records, colonial census records, colonial land records and maps, the colonial wars, religious records, and court documents. Note: This is an Intermediate course. Experience with transcribing Colonial Handwriting will be a benefit. 

The American Revolutionary War was a major historical event which impacted many colonial families. It is hard to imagine that any family was left unaffected. Many families were divided, with multiple factors leading to which side they eventually chose to pledge their loyalty to. If you reach a brick wall in your research during this time period, be sure to check both Loyalist and Patriot resources. Sometimes you will find family members on both sides as they navigated through this turbulent time in their lives. This was also a time of major migrations and relocations. 

Fortunately, there have been numerous records created and preserved during the colonial period. Thankfully, various organizations have worked to digitize as many of the surviving records as possible. We just need to know how to access them to document our family’s stories and discover the part they played in these historical events.

Research: United Empire Loyalist Ancestors 
This course describes what it meant to be a United Empire Loyalist in the context of the American Revolutionary War and how it affected their ensuing lives. This course will also discuss the membership and lineage requirements of the United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada ( Records include: military service, petitions, claims, land, and other records that will assist with documenting your UEL ancestor. The British North American colonies where the Loyalists went for resettlement include Upper Canada (Ontario)—where the original U.E. (Unity of Empire) tradition really took hold—the Maritime provinces, and Lower Canada (Quebec).

US: Military Records (includes Revolutionary War) 
This course includes records of conflicts in the United States and Colonial America from the early colonial wars of the seventeenth century to the Revolutionary War, as well as the records of later conflicts to WW2. Requirements for Military and Lineage Societies may be of particular interest as there is discussion of the various types of records created by military service, such as service records, muster rolls, pension records, and draft registration. Note: This is an advanced course. 

Have you already taken one or more of these Colonial courses? No problem! Just choose any four courses of your choice to take advantage of the bundled package discount. 
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