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Our students are enthusiastic about our online genealogical courses. However, many new students are unsure of where to begin. Which courses should they take first? Just as in planning to build a house, your genealogy education plan must begin with the foundation. Whether you are just beginning to research your family history, or you are an experienced researcher, it is recommended for all students to begin with understanding the methodology guidelines and standards used in all genealogy research. This is accomplished through our Methodology Certificate

If you are considering any certificate, these are the first courses to work on as the Methodology Certificate courses are COMPULSORY for all of our Certificate Programs. To find out more about our Methodology Certificate and the suggested course order, check out our blog post

For our Eastern European Certificate in Genealogical Studies, you must successfully complete 40 courses, which includes the 14 required courses of the Methodology Certificate, 11 compulsory Eastern European Record courses, and 15 elective courses of your choice. The Eastern European courses include 4 compulsory courses at the Basic Level, 5 compulsory courses at the Intermediate Level, and 2 compulsory courses at the Advanced Level. 

International Institute of Genealogical Studies Eastern European Certificate

Eastern European Certificate in Genealogical Studies – 40 Courses 

Basic Level 
Eastern European: Introduction to Research for North Americans 
A vast number of immigrants came to North America from various areas in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The purpose of this course is to begin the teaching of genealogical concepts pertinent to Eastern European research. 
Eastern European: Languages & Alphabets 
This course introduces the key information needed about the various languages so researchers can be successful in reading and interpreting documents and records, and in communicating with relatives and archivists in Europe. Understanding Eastern European languages and alphabets commonly found in records is a valuable tool for assisting with translation and transcription.
Eastern European: Locating Places 
Our ancestors lived in specific places, and the records about them were usually created on a local level, in the town or parish where they resided. The purpose of this course is to learn how to successfully determine ancestral locations in Eastern Europe in order to learn where to find the key records you need to correctly identify your ancestor. 
Eastern European: Understanding Migration Patterns 
This course provides an extensive overview of migration patterns of various ethnic groups from Central and Eastern Europe to the United States, Canada, South America, and other countries. The study of migration does not just involve one movement but recognizes that for a number of reasons, it is natural for peoples to move and settle from one place to another. 

Intermediate Level 
Eastern European: Austrian-Hungarian, German & Russian Empires: Chronology
This course explores the contrasts that lead to differentiations within ethnic Eastern European research, depending upon the time period and geographic place. Studying the Austrian, German, and Russian Empires, you will gain a better understanding of how these three Empires shaped Eastern Europe, and impacted the lives and decisions of your ancestors. 
Eastern European: Civil Registration Records 
In this course, you will learn the value of civil registration records, what types of records are available, how to access them, the nature and extent of access and privacy restrictions. In addition, you will learn about key terminology, how to deal with foreign language challenges, and other obstacles and key tips on reading and interpreting birth, marriage, and death records.
Eastern European: Church Records 
Church parish registers are the most popular and useful source for tracing ancestors in Eastern Europe. In this course, you will learn the value of church records (both Christian and Jewish), what types of records are available, how to access them, limitations and privacy restrictions. 
Eastern European: Other Records…Including Census, Land, Military & Tax 
This course provides a brief review of “other” records for researching your ancestors in Eastern Europe. It will also explore some of the best websites for finding Eastern European records online, how to work around common obstacles such as privacy laws, translating records, and more. 
Eastern European: Record Repositories 
To be effective in using a variety of repositories in Central and Eastern Europe, it is important to learn about them, including their differences, and how to access them. This course will introduce the major kinds of repositories and a basic overview of how they operate.

Advanced Level 
Eastern European: Problem Solving
Researching Eastern European ancestors can be a challenging process. This course focuses on six of the most common Eastern European genealogy research problems and the methods to solve them.
Eastern European: Onsite Research in the Ancestral Homeland
In this course, you will learn about “immersion genealogy”—the process of discovering where and how our ancestors lived, worked, and worshiped, and experiencing first-hand those customs and traditions they passed down through the generations. 

We offer several additional courses, which could be chosen to fulfill the elective portion of the Eastern European Certificate. These courses can be added to your certificate package, and will supplement your genealogical knowledge for your specific area or family history topic. You are sure to find several relevant courses to build your research skills. 

International Institute of Genealogical Studies Eastern European Certificate

Combination Certificates 
Alternatively, you can use courses from other certificates as your electives and complete TWO certificates for the cost of one. Your customized certificate could include the compulsory Eastern European Records courses, plus the compulsory courses from any other topic or country-themed certificate. Both include the Methodology Certificate courses as they form the basis for all of our Professional Learning Certificates.

Eastern European and DNA Certificate 
Eastern European and Professional Development Certificate

Building your genealogical research skills with these essential courses is for both serious family historians and professional researchers. We can assist you in building your genealogical education plan for your future research projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your options to successfully reach your research goals. See contact information below. 

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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