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December 2022

Our students at The International Institute for Genealogical Studies / International Institute of Genealogical Studies are preparing for the last month of courses for 2022. December is an extremely busy month for some students. Schedules and outside expectations compete for our attention and demand action. Be sure to plan your month very carefully. Self-paced education takes discipline, perseverance and focus. We are here to help you succeed in meeting your genealogical education goals. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a problem.

December classes are starting soon at the
International Institute of Genealogical Studies!

The Holiday season is upon us – filled with Family Time, Traditions and Memories. It is a time to gather with extended family members and share memories of years gone by. There will be well-known family traditions mixed in with new traditions – welcoming new family members to our celebrations. It’s a good time to take note of changes in our families over the past year of 2022. As family historians, we record the BMDs as we receive the news, but the holidays are usually a time to welcome those new cousins and in-laws into your family circle.

It’s a time for stories of, “Remember when….?” and photos! Take lots of photos, especially of family groups and elderly family members. And then there is the food! Traditional recipes with Grandma’s chocolate fudge – made only as she does, and Great-Aunt Mable’s dressing recipe. Be sure to record these. Find out why certain foods are served, and why these traditions were formed, and carried on year after year. Record them and preserve them as the treasures they truly are.

Make this December a month to remember! Prepare for Family Time, for sharing Memories, and for exploring your holiday Traditions. Record what you learn and document the new stories. The online education you are pursuing to preserve your family history will not only benefit your immediate family, but it will bring together extended family members as well. You may even discover some new cousins! 

For those who have registered for December courses, if you have discovered that you will not be able to work on your courses this month after all, you can still easily change the start date. 

In your Student Briefcase, scroll down to Future Courses
#1. You will see a list of your registered courses with the dates they are scheduled to open. 
#2. To change your start date, click on the date (December 5, 2022). A new pop-up window will open. 
#3. Click on the scheduled date. A drop-down menu will be displayed with additional start dates for this course. Choose a new start date (February 6, 2023). Please Note: The scheduled date has NOT been changed yet!
#4. You must click the Change Date button to actually change the start date. Now you can close the pop-up window and your new start date will be displayed beside your course.

Make preparations to enjoy your holiday season, and be purposeful in your visits with family members. Ask if anyone has taken a DNA test. Then work to preserve your family history by documenting your discoveries!

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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