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DNA Discovery Using Gephi

Enjoy a special aspect of our Student Life here at the International Institute of Genealogical Studies by joining us over on our new YouTube channel with our featured speaker, Jennifer Roodzant of, as she shares a brilliant way to sort and discover DNA matches quickly with graphing on This session was hosted by Gena Philibert Ortega during our monthly Student Lounge event in October. Expect to see more of Jennifer at in the future! 

Be sure to check out the DNA Discovery Using Gephi with Jennifer Roodzant video on our YouTube channel!

Jennifer Roodzant explains DNA Matching using Gephi

Presentation Title: Clustering DNA Matches with Gephi to Pinpoint Genetic Networks 

Presentation Description: Have you ever had difficulty uncovering shared match groups in your DNA results? Have you spent hours looking for connections between you and your matches? Gephi is a graph and visualization platform that quickly and efficiently clusters shared matches into genetic networks. Say goodbye to the long days of sorting matches! You will leave with a toolkit for rapidly clustering matches in Gephi to identify the shared most recent common ancestors.

Biography: Jennifer Roodzant is a professional genealogist and speaker specializing in DNA and Southern United States research. She volunteers as secretary for the Napa Valley Genealogical Society. She is a certificate holder in Genealogical Research from Boston University and ProGen Study Groups. Jennifer applies the Genealogical Proof Standard to resolve complex research objectives. 

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