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Take a sneak peek and be among the first to visit our brand-new Int’l Institute of Genealogical Studies YouTube Channel! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to see more videos as they are added. 

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies announces their YouTube Channel

Did you notice the name change? This was announced in the Student Orientation Fall sessions, along with some more exciting upcoming changes. The National Institute was founded in Canada, but we have students from around the world. With our new head office in Montana, the name highlights the fact that we cover across the border of both Canada and the United States. But this does not reflect our international students, so the name will be transitioning to the International Institute for Genealogical Studies. Our YouTube channel is the first to reflect our new name. Watch for more exciting news coming!

Our first uploaded video was our Back to School Orientation Fall 2022 recording of the evening session on August 30th. We hope it will help students who are a little overwhelmed as they begin their online education experience with us. We have also added the last two Student Lounge presentations: Related Faces with Tina LaFreniere (July 2022) and MyHeritage DNA with Daniel Horowitz (August 2022). We will be adding more videos, so subscribe and check back frequently. 

September is a great month to reassess and pursue your genealogical education goals. Not sure where to start? We invite you to check out our list of courses, and the packages that we offer to enhance your genealogy skills. Are you considering a genealogy career? Our certificate programs will prepare you to launch into your genealogy business.

Need help to set up an education plan? Let us know how we can help you to successfully continue your genealogy education through our online courses. Your success is our goal!

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose. 

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