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Related Faces Featured in July Student Lounge

At The International Institute for Genealogical Studies, we enhance the online learning experience for our students by promoting #StudentLife opportunities. Every month, there is a Student Lounge virtual meeting scheduled for our students. Since we have migrated our meetings to the Zoom platform, we are now planning to offer special presentation sessions, beginning with our July Student Lounge.

Tina LaFreniere developed the software program Related Faces to assist in identifying family members in antique photos.

In July, we were pleased to offer a bonus to our regular Student Lounge session. We had a special presentation from guest speaker: Tina LaFreniere of Related Faces. Tina developed Related Faces to help identify people in antique photos. She shared this exciting new resource for identifying those unlabeled photos in our inherited family collections by pairing recognizable facial features of family members, even if they are of different ages. This will definitely advance our family history storytelling by enabling us to visually display our past extended family members to the current generation who never knew them.

You can begin with a 14-Day FREE Trial to set up your profiles for each family member and their photos. Privacy is ensured for living people. Please follow Copyright restrictions, which means you should only use photos that you have, or have permission to use. Then upload your photos and start pairing. Related Faces will identify the same or similar faces in photos and allows you to organize your photos on your home page. You will be able to connect to other users to collaborate, and perhaps discover new family connections. Mobile uploads allow you to scan and add photos right from your mobile device. It also has a feature to compare your photos to the United States Library of Congress photo collection.

As a Thank You to The International Institute for Genealogical StudiesRelated Faces is offering a 25% Discount for a limited time to our students and has graciously extended the invitation to our followers as well. 

Related Faces is offering a time limited 25% discount

Coupon Code: RFELWQPJ66. 
Please Note: This coupon will expire on 15 August 2022. 

We encourage our followers to take advantage of the 14-Day FREE Trial at Related Faces and explore what this website has to offer. You may solve a long-time family photo mystery, or even topple a brick wall by identifying that face beside your ancestor. 

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