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Genealogy in a Package

Father’s Day is almost here! Some packages may already be arriving at your door or from the mall; while others are safely hidden away until it’s time to present them to Dad on his special day. We all love to receive packages. However, some package contents are better than others. Ties and joke T-shirts are fun (usually), and a gift card is fun to spend, but how much better if your package was genealogy-related? 

Father’s Day is a great time to gather with family members and reminisce about childhood memories and great vacations. If you are gathering with siblings, aunts and uncles, or grandparents, ask questions about your family history and watch them share their memories to the next generation. 

Do you have family members who are asking you what is on your Wish List? Have you been thinking about creating your genealogy wish list? How are you doing with your research goals? It may be that you have dropped several hints, but what will you receive? If they need some suggestions, we have a solution! The National Institute for Genealogical Studies can make sure your package has just the right online courses for your 2022 genealogy education plan.

You can choose any of our 225+ courses individually, or one of our specific Course Packages listed below, but did you know that you can also create your own unique package? Choose 4, 7, 8, 10 or 13 courses and make your package with the exact courses needed for your own distinctive research project. See details for all Course Packages here.

Special Genealogy Course Packages

Business Skills Package 
This package includes all the courses needed to give students a good understanding of how to start and manage a genealogical business, and what niche business opportunities are available to genealogists.
Business Skills Package: 18 Courses

Skill-Building Package 
The four courses included in this package will help you expand your research skills. 
Skill-Building Package: 4 Courses

Professional Learning Certificates 
At the heart of The National Institute for Genealogical Studies online education is our Certificate in Genealogical Studies program. Each certificate includes the study of specific topics and record groups relevant to certification. For most certificates, students are required to complete 40 courses, which includes specific compulsory courses and a choice of electives. 

The Methodology Certificate is at the core of our certificates. 

The Librarianship Certificate only requires 12 courses. There is an option to combine the Librarianship Certificate with a country-specific certificate as the elective portion. 

The DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate is our newest certificate, which includes 15 courses relevant to your understanding of DNA and how it can be used in your genealogical research. 

The Professional Development Certificate program will benefit those who wish to pursue a career in genealogy, create a genealogy business or to augment their income potential by adding niche areas to their business plan. Skill-building courses are of high importance in this certificate to ensure quality results as a professional researcher. 

American Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
Australian Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
Canadian Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
Eastern European Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
English Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
German Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
Irish Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
Italian Certificate in Genealogical Studies 
Scottish Certificate in Genealogical Studies 

Packages for Specific Countries 
If you are interested in just a few of the country-specific courses, but not a full certificate, you can choose a smaller All Countries Package of courses for the country of your choice, or a package for the records for these countries. 

American Records Packages 
Australian Records Packages
Canadian Records Packages 
Eastern European Records Packages
English Records Packages 
German Records Packages 
Irish Records Packages 
Italian Records Packages 
Scottish Records Packages 

Lastly, be sure to check the Complete List of Courses offered by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, as there are several courses not included in the descriptions above that are eligible for packages. We hope that you will find the perfect package for your Genealogy Wish List… to sharpen your research skills, complete your family history projects, and accomplish your 2022 Genealogy Research Goals. 

Visit our website for a complete list of online courses offered by The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Check our Course Calendar here. List of Packages available here.
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