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For the month of April, we have highlighted some of the 225+ genealogy and research courses offered at The International Institute for Genealogical Studies. There are a variety of themes and topics to choose from. Hopefully, we will feature some courses that you were not aware of and pique your interest to explore further.

Genealogical Research from A to Z


Ultimately, all genealogy involves Research! The courses listed below will generally relate to any research project. They are the topics most recognized by genealogy enthusiasts and researchers. 

Research Courses
Demystifying Culture & Folklore 
Discover Your Family History 
Genealogy and Copyright Guidelines 
Google for the Wise Genealogist 
Life of Our Ancestors 
Organizing a One-Name Study  
Organizing a One-Place Study 
Palaeography: Reading & Understanding Historical Documents 
Research: FamilySearch Resources – In Person and Online 
Research: The National Archives of England
Research: U.S. 20th Century Records, Including Adoption Records 
Research: U.S. Records Using Ancestry including DNA Strategies 
Skills: Transcribing, Abstracting & Extracting 

Research methodology is the basis of all that we do as family historians and genealogists. For that reason, we have six methodology courses, which will lead you step-by-step through recognized research practices and standards. The Methodology Certificate combines these six courses, along with the Analysis and Skills Mentoring Program and other essential courses, to form the foundation of our main certificate programs.

The Skill-Building Package includes skills courses for more advanced researchers, who are looking to dig deeper and really analyze their discoveries. This includes getting organized by using tools like maps, name variation lists, research logs, timelines, using the FAN club, creating locality guides, and writing reports on our findings, complete with citations. Reports are not just for clients; they should be written by all researchers, as a record of what was found, or not found, in our searches. This an excellent package for every serious researcher.

Skill-Building Package
Genealogy Ethical Guidelines & Standards  
Skill-Building: Breaking Down Brick Walls  
Skill-Building: Evidence Analysis and Evaluation Using Case Studies  
Skill-Building: Nuts & Bolts of Reporting Research  

Lastly, you can customize your own package of courses. This is especially helpful if you have already completed some courses and need to register for the balance of courses required to complete your desired genealogical projects. 

Genealogical research is a fascinating hobby that can easily become an obsession

Research A-Z 

Research is what we do! There are a variety of resources that you can add to your Research Toolbox to hone your research skills and enhance your research projects. Enriching your research knowledge with our online genealogical education, along with practical coursework on methodology and standard practices, will encourage you to become a more efficient researcher.

The International Institute of Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 240 courses. Our wide range of courses cover specific countries, enhance methodology research, build skills to maximize your research time, and all count toward the certification you choose

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