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Research A-Z ~ Kinship

For the month of April, we have highlighted some of the 225+ genealogy and research courses offered at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. There are a variety of themes and topics to choose from. Hopefully, we will feature some courses that you were not aware of and pique your interest to explore further.

K is for KINSHIP

Who are your Kin? That’s the main question for family historians! It is the beginning of your genealogy journey to find your family members. There are a few basics for every researcher to discover, such as searching for the BMDs for each individual, establishing family groups, documenting parental linkages, and tracking descendants from specific ancestral couples. 

Once this information is gathered, we begin to build our “family tree” on pedigree charts and family group charts, eventually entering into a software program and/or creating on online tree. Relationships can then be calculated.

Some relationships can be challenging to calculate or define. The FamilySearch Blog post: Cousin Chart—Family Relationships Explained may help you to understand and sort out some details. Kinship is also a major focus when trying to document linkages between generations for Lineage organization applications.

The following Courses will help you to discover, analyze and confirm your Kinship relationships and build your tree with extended family members:

Connecting Family: Online and Virtually 
Discover Your Family History 
Forensic Genealogy  
Genetics & Medical Family History 
Google for the Wise Genealogist  
Life of Our Ancestors 
Methodology – Part 1: Getting Started 
Methodology – Part 2: Organizing and Skill-Building 
Methodology – Part 3: More Strategies 
Methodology – Part 4: Effective Searching and Recording 
Methodology – Part 5: How to Prove It 
Organizing a One-Name Study  
Organizing a One-Place Study   
Personal Historian: Beginning Genealogy 
Personal Historian: Oral History & Interviewing Techniques 
Personal Historian: Telling the Stories
Personal Historian: Video Techniques

Photography: Clues Pictures Hold, Editing, Digitizing and Various Projects 
Planning a Fabulous Family Reunion 
Preserve Your Family History Documents & Heirlooms 
Producing Your Family Video 
Research: FamilySearch Resources – In Person and Online 
Research: Grandmothers, Mothers & Daughters-Tracing Women 
Research: Social History 
Research: The National Archives of England
Research: U.S. 20th Century Records, Including Adoption Records
Research: U.S. Records Using Ancestry including DNA Strategies
Skill-Building: Breaking Down Brick Walls 
Social Media Tools for the Wise Genealogist 
Writing for Genealogy: Articles, Blogs, Research Reports and so much more  
Writing the Genealogist’s Memoir 
Writing Your Family History Book

Establishing relationships becomes even more imperative when analyzing DNA test results. Referring to the FamilySearch Blog post: Untangling the Centimorgans on Your DNA Test may assist researchers to estimate possible relationships. 

In addition, consider courses in the DNA and Genetic Genealogy Certificate – 15 Courses package. More information can be found in the Research A-Z ~ D ~ DNA blog post. 

Course Packages

You can also customize your own package of courses. Register for the courses needed to complete your desired genealogy project, or add them as electives to one of our certificate programs.

Course Package – 4 Courses 
Course Package – 7 Courses 
Course Package – 8 Courses 
Course Package – 10 Courses 
Course Package – 13 Courses

Research A-Z 

Kinship is an important aspect of genealogical research and documents our extended family members. Identifying some relationships is easy; defining other relationships is more complex. Cousins come in many forms. Discover how to identify your Kin!
The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers quality online education with over 225+ courses to choose from. Some of our courses are topic/country-specific, or provide insight into research methodology, while others are skill-building courses to maximize your research time. The first Monday of a new month means another rotation of courses will start. Most courses feature 6 modules over an 8-week period, easily adapted to most busy schedules. Many courses have been bundled into packages to provide discount options. Take a look at our course calendar and see which courses will accomplish your genealogical education goals. Register today! 
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