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Sometimes Waiting is Hard!

Do you like surprizes? The National Institute for Genealogical Studies has a secret! Watch for a Special Announcement coming next week. 

We don’t like waiting! As family historians, we must learn patience. We need to take our time when doing our research, following the steps we learned in the Methodology courses, and carefully examining each new clue or document. We start with what we know and document each generation before moving back to the previous generation. Making assumptions and jumping to the next generation impulsively will cost us valuable time. Learn patience. Work methodically. Be thorough.

Waiting is not foreign to genealogists. We know that some research questions will not be answered quickly or easily. We know that new areas of research with new record types will require our time to learn and understand what is and is not included. We know that a family mystery is not solved in an evening, and our research is never really “finished.” We learn patience, and perseverance.

We also like surprizes. When we make a discovery, no matter how small, we celebrate! We like puzzles. Each clue we find leads to making the “big picture” clearer. We like a challenge. If we hit a Brick Wall in our research, we will work to find the solution. Whether it takes learning about another resource, or taking another course to learn a new skill, we will work until we figure it out. 

Be patient. Follow the research principles that you have already learned and work through it. If you need to research a new topic, see if it is in our list of courses, and then add it to your list of electives. We want our students to succeed in their projects.

So, what is the Secret? You’ll have to be patient. The Special Announcement is coming next week.
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