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Our Recent American Records Graduates

Continuing to post Congratulations to Our Recent Graduates 
**Please see previous blog post with a Message from The National Institute for Genealogical Studies to all recent graduates.

What an impressive achievement! It took a lot of hard work, patience, and determination to reach your goal. It is time to celebrate the success of all our recent graduates. We are so very proud of all of you. 

Introducing the Graduates of the American Records Certificate between June 2019 and October 2021.

Bette Bohman, PLCGS  
Lynda Carter, PLCGS   
Linda Christensen, PLCGS
Amy Clounch, PLCGS   
Karin Coppernoll, PLCGS  
Sherrie Craun, PLCGS  
Stephanie Cutter, PLCGS 
Julie Eaklor, PLCGS  
Gaynol Fales, PLCGS  
Pamela Groth, PLCGS 
Laura Hall, PLCGS  
Kim Hanks, PLCGS  
Margaret Hodges, PLCGS  
Lynne Jakobowski, PLCGS  
Ruth Jolly, PLCGS  
Debra Kabinier, PLCGS  
Susan Kaplan, PLCGS 
Misti Layne, PLCGS   
Brian Maclachlan, PLCGS   
Sharon Marsh, PLCGS  
Lynne Moore McCreery, PLCGS   
Ginger Muenster, PLCGS  
Katie Myers, PLCGS  
Janet Neel, PLCGS   
Rebecca Novy, PLCGS   
Scott Roberts, PLCGS   
Jennifer Smith, PLCGS   
Christina Tracy, PLCGS 
Stephen Van Bibber, PLCGS  
Justina Vickerman, PLCGS   
Heather Weaver, PLCGS 

Warmest congratulations to all our graduates… 

Louise St Denis and our team at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies 
Graduates have completed all requirements for our 40-course American Records Certificate, which includes the following compulsory American Records courses: 

Basic Level 
US: Census Records
US: Land Records
US: Religious Records-Part 1
US: Vital Records, Understanding and Using the Records

Intermediate Level 
US: Cemetery and Mortuary Records
US: Immigration & Naturalization Records
US: Migration Patterns
US: Probate Records
US: Religious Records-Part 2

Advanced Level 
US: Court Records
US: Institutional Records
US: Military Records
US: Newspaper Records
US: Occupational Records
To recognize all of our graduates throughout the years, please go to our website at, click on the menu item INSTITUTE, and then GRADUATES. Be patient, the list is long and therefore takes time to display.

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