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Celebrating Student Success

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies encourages family historians and researchers to expand their skills, not only for research, but in many areas. Our online courses cover a vast array of topics related to documenting our family history.

We strive to assist our students in the development of new skills, while providing the knowledge and practical application for the material covered in their selected studies. We love to celebrate the achievements of our students and share their successes.

Today, we want to share a testimonial from our student, Carol Walsh, in her own words as she shared her achievement with her fellow students:

I would like to share with you a great thing that comes from these courses. After attending the Roots Tech conference earlier this year, one of the presenters talked about writing stories to share genealogical events with our younger family members. Having completed a segment of work on my Grandfather, I did just that…started to write a book around this event. I am so excited to share that this book has been published. Thank you for all the lessons learned through my experience in this program.

This project all started from a couple of photographs, studying the elements in the photographs, investigative research, and bits of retained knowledge from family stories – put this all together. Not only does this book retain the story, but provides some insight into teamwork, dreams, boats, and dreams coming true. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the training we received through this program.

For Carol, a Dream turned into reality. It began as an Idea that became a Goal. It was then crafted into a Plan. She worked out the Process needed to accomplish her Objective – telling her grandfather’s story. She did her Research, sought out the required Knowledge, and developed the necessary Skills. She took Action, and Worked towards her goal, not giving up along the way. She overcame the Obstacles, and she achieved SUCCESS. This is the practical application of what she learned from her genealogical education. Congratulations Carol Walsh on the publication of your first book – We are proud of you!

Jolly Boats on the River
By Carol Walsh – book published on 3 Sep 2021

Description from Amazon:
As Grandad and Lizzy are on an outing to the harbour park in Collingwood, Lizzy spots small boats on the water and pretends she is rowing along with them. She grabs her Grandad’s attention to what she is doing. He sees the boats and recalls his story about being on a rowing team in Scotland when he was a young boy. Read along to learn about jolly boats, castles, and champions.

You can find Carol’s book Jolly Boats on the River on;; and

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