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Family Lore: Fact or Fiction

We have a Student presentation scheduled for Thursday, May 20th. Please join us to show your fellow student support!
The National Institute for Genealogical Studies course, Lecturing Skills Including Preparation, teaches the skills needed to present genealogical-related lectures. It is a “hands on” course where the student presents a lecture via our Virtual Learning Room. We invite you to participate and hear your fellow student. This is a 30-minute lecture, followed by a 10-minute Question & Answer period, and a short poll to provide the student with feedback on their skills.

This is an excellent learning experience for all involved–the student presenter and the audience! We all can learn new and interesting tidbits, even from topics that are not in our area of research.

“Family Lore: Fact or Fiction?” presented by Lynn Reesor
Thursday, May 20th at 7:00 PM Eastern
Presentation Description: We’ve all heard family stories, but are they true? Using a personal case study involving Charles Dickens, learn how to evaluate family stories and develop strategies to determine their veracity.

Presenter: Lynn Reesor, specializes in British research, is a writer and broadcaster who has been researching and solving family history mysteries for over 25 years.
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We would like to thank Kathy Holland for hosting these student presentations.
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