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Christmas Time

As December is winding down, and we are preparing for the holidays in unique and special ways, it is a time to reflect on which traditions we will be celebrating this year. Childhood memories are merged with current memories being created around the world – the old and the new unite. As family historians, we love to gather the stories of Christmas past. It truly is a time to reminisce and share family memories with our kinfolk over vintage photo albums and traditional meals. Don’t forget to record the stories! … and also, the special moments of this unique holiday season.

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies appreciates the opportunities you have given us to be a part of your genealogical education journey as you work to refine your research skills. Through our various online courses, we have endeavoured to support the needs of both amateur family historians and aspiring professional genealogists with reliable and comprehensive education, providing instruction in general methodology, specialized research topics, and so much more. We will continue to offer valuable skill-building opportunities in the coming year.

Our family stories originate from so many unique backgrounds. Our heritage is truly woven from those threads – being combined through the centuries to form our own distinctive family history. Their stories become our inheritance – they are in our DNA. Gather those stories. Document the facts of the historical events that your ancestors participated in. History comes alive when we see our very own family members. Record their experiences and write about the legacy they have left for us to uncover.

How did they celebrate the holidays? What traditions did they bring from the old country? Which of those traditions are still observed each year? What new customs were adopted as family ethnicities were blended? Our holiday foundations originate somewhere – do you know the story? Make it your goal in this next year to discover the origins AND to document it.

The list of National Institute courses is sure to feature one or more courses to help you to explore the lives of your ancestors. Here are a few suggestions:
Discover Your Family History
Life of Our Ancestors
Demystifying Culture & Folklore
Research: Social History
Writing Your Family History Book
Writing the Genealogist’s Memoir 

This past year has certainly presented its challenges and unique opportunities. As we close out this holiday season, take time to reflect on what can be added to your own family history, and what you want to pursue in the next year. Make new memories as you retell your family’s stories to the next generation.

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